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Re: Linux/Win32 cross and DLLs

From: Earnie Boyd
Subject: Re: Linux/Win32 cross and DLLs
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 08:40:17 -0400

One of my favorite subjects as of late.  I'm forwarding to the
address@hidden list.

David Olofson wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm working on a library/DLL version of an audio engine that was formerly
> part of a game. I'd like to support both static and dynamic linking where
> possible. No problem with Linux native builds.
> However, when it comes to cross compiling for Win32, I'm running into
> trouble as soon as I try to link with another library/DLL. System
> libraries and stuff are fine, but libSDL just won't work.
> IIRC, if I use the -no-undefined option, I simply get only a static lib
> (no DLL), while without it, libtool wants to run impgen.c on SDL.DLL, but
> fails to compile impgen.c as a result of passing some System V specific
> switch to 'as'. (At last, it *does* at least use the native compiler
> instead of the Win32 cross gcc, without any libtool patching or other
> tricks... Dunno' what I was doing before.)
> Meanwhile, other libraries that depend on SDL don't even try to run
> impgen - they just build proper DLLs anyway. I've looked at everything I
> could think of, including upgrading other projects to the
> automake/autoconf/libtool I'm using and vice versa, but still; my lib
> won't build a DLL and others will.
> I've read all docs and posts I could find on the matter, and I've spent
> countless hours trying to sort out what's actually going on, but so far,
> no luck. Any ideas...?
> I'm using autoconf 2.52, automake 1.5 and, hmm... libtool 1.3.5.
> Could the older libtool be it?
> Still doesn't explain why other libs build properly with the same setup,
> even after replacing *all* scripts with my versions. It *has* to be
> something with my code or scripts, I think...
> Hints? Specific documentation on Linux->Win32 cross compiling?
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