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Re: [Mingw-users] Re: libbfd, libtool & Win32

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: [Mingw-users] Re: libbfd, libtool & Win32
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 20:46:48 +0200
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Max Bowsher wrote:
Earnie Boyd wrote:

Guido Draheim wrote:

hmm, perhaps, the LD can now link with dlls directly, and that should

Yes, indeed it can, and will search for it in the LIBRARY_PATH.  If it
can't find libfoo.dll.a or libfoo.a it will look for libfoo.dll when
-lfoo is given.

Unfortunately, libtool doesn't know about this (I don't think), and will not
pass -l options to the compiler, preferring to resolve them to files itself.

which can be changed... and should be when known that the compiler will
handle all the linking steps alone. But... (next post)...

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