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Re: [Mingw-users] Re: libbfd, libtool & Win32

From: David Olofson
Subject: Re: [Mingw-users] Re: libbfd, libtool & Win32
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 14:10:04 +0200

On Wednesday 18 September 2002 22:37, Danny Smith wrote:
> > > All the names should have stdcall decoration, but don't.
> >
> > Ok... Is that information at all available in a DLL,
> No.

Ok. (Then I didn't miss it in the spec because of blindness...)

> > or does that mean we
> > either have to make assumptions, or just *require* import libs to be
> > present?
> The latter is certainly safer.

Yeah, but it doesn't work if you can't get an import lib that works with 
your compiler...

How about building import libs from headers? (You need the headers to 
compile anyway...)

> You also need to consider DATA symbols,
> and the special tricks required to import data, particularly  arrays
> and structs, using --enable-auto--import.   The extensions to
> --enable-auto-import for  arrays and structs (Egor Duda's work )
> require both binutils support (a modified linker script, for a start)
> and runtime support (in the pipe for cygwin, not for mingw)


Well, as far as my projects are concerned, I consider exporting anything 
but functions non-portable, and usually a bad idea for other reasons. 
Would be nice if it could be made to work somehow, but I probably won't 
make use of that feature myself.

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