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Re: "Re: libbfd, libtool & Win32" and "Re: Building a MinGW GLib etc..."

From: Earnie Boyd
Subject: Re: "Re: libbfd, libtool & Win32" and "Re: Building a MinGW GLib etc..."
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 06:51:51 -0400

Max Bowsher wrote:
> Earnie Boyd wrote:
> [ stuff about impgen ]
> > So, why isn't dlltool being used?  BTW, dllwrap is deprecated.
> >
> > Current versions of GCC require -shared in the link step to produce the
> > dll.  The -dll -mdll switches are deprecated.
> One of the things I ran into with my GLib stuff, is that libtool.m4 is rather
> out-of-date with respect to MinGW. Fortunately, the cygwin sections are more
> up-to-date, so its just a matter of borrowing or sharing cygwin cod for the 
> most
> part.
> I attach a patch of my current tweaks to libtool.m4 and It is 
> *only a
> Work-in Progess*. I am posting it without cleanup as food for though in this
> discussion.

Max, this portion needs a little work

@@ -1113,10 +1113,19 @@
+  # This is a feature of Win32, not of Cygwin
+  shlibpath_overrides_runpath=yes
+  case $GCC,$host_os,$CC in
+  yes,cygwin*,* | yes,mingw*,gcc*-mno-cygwin*)
+    sys_lib_search_path_spec="/lib /lib/w32api /usr/lib /usr/local/lib"
+    ;;

For conditional yes,mingw*,gcc*-mno-cygwin*
  sys_lib_searc_path_spec="/lib/mingw /lib/w32api /usr/lib/mingw

+  yes,mingw*,*)
+    sys_lib_search_path_spec=`$CC -print-search-dirs | grep
"^libraries:" | sed -e "s/^libraries://" -e "s,=/,/,g"`
+    ;;
+  esac


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