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Re: Hacking around libtool.m4 (libtool-1.4e) for hppa64 support

From: ross . alexander
Subject: Re: Hacking around libtool.m4 (libtool-1.4e) for hppa64 support
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 17:34:44 +0100


Thanks for the reply.  From the sounds of it I think there
is a bug with gcc since it passes -shared to the linker
regardless of whether --with-gnu-ld is configured or not.
 I will research the issue.  Jeff Law and Dave Anglin
are the HP maintainers, so I'll check them also.

Do you know when when GNU ld will be ready for the IA64?
Given that a considerable amount of work is required for
for the PA64 support it makes sense to try to integrate (or
atleast create placeholders) for the IA64 code.




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                      Steve Ellcey                                              
                      <address@hidden>         To:       address@hidden         
                      27/09/2002 16:58         Subject:  Re: Hacking around 
libtool.m4 (libtool-1.4e) for hppa64 support                 

> In the code below there seems to a problem with supporting gcc
> with the HP ld, since gcc tries to pass the -shared flag onto ld.  Now
> is is easy (but ulgy) to correct by testing for gnu-ld and having
> two cases.  I can do this with PA hpux but how does this work with
> ia64 hpux?

In theory the same code for PA64 would work for IA64.  In practice there
is no gnu-ld on HP-UX IA64 at this time, only the HP ld.  One thing to
check for though is what command ($LD or $CC) is used to build a shared
library.  I don't think the linker matters if you use $CC to link, what
matters is what compiler is used.  I.e.  if you link with GCC you can
always use -shared with it and it is up to the compiler to pass the
correct flag to the linker based on whether it was configured to use
gnu-ld or HP ld.

If HP C is being used to make the shared library then you want to pass
the appropriate HP flags when building a shared library and that varies
based on the OS release.  All IA64 systems are 11.*, and all 11.* HP-UX
C compilers (should) understand the '-b' option to build a shared
library.  9.* and 10.* compilers may not handle this but like IA64, all
PA64 systems are 11.* and should understand this flag.

Steve Ellcey

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