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Re: libtool 1.4.2 on Darwin

From: Benjamin Reed
Subject: Re: libtool 1.4.2 on Darwin
Date: 09 Oct 2002 12:53:01 -0400

> Yes, you already said that. The stuff above is about the libtool 1.4
> _branch_, while the libtool-darwin patch is in the mainstream development 
> tree.

Right, and I have not yet seen anything that said there will be a
libtool 1.4.3 release, only that there will be a libtool release in
general, so I posted the patch against the tree that it sounds like most
development is going on in.  It should be very easy to backport.

> BTW: When will the first libtool version be released containing the
> libtool-darwin patch officially?

Got me, this is the first time I've ever even written anything to the
libtool list I think, I'm just a lurker.  =)

I don't even know if anyone with commit access has looked at the patch,
for that matter.

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