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Re: MinGW libtool DLL failure

From: Elizabeth Barham
Subject: Re: MinGW libtool DLL failure
Date: 11 Oct 2002 19:11:44 -0500

"Max Bowsher" <address@hidden> writes:

> Don't worry about me! I think we are working towards broadly similar goals -
> it shouldn't be much effort for me to merge the changes you are making into
> my stuff.

What I'm wondering is of there is a better variable to use with the
import library, as opposed to ${lib}.a ?

> > +  mingw*)
> > +    # On msys 1.0 and win98, the maximum length was something like
> > +    # 200,000 and took around 45 minutes to get there... ouch!
> > +    lt_cv_sys_max_cmd_len=32768;
> > +    ;;
> One of my patches merges a change from Cygwin for this. Caution though. I
> read there that the max length for NT systems is only 8192 - so this patch
> needs adjusting to not break libtool on NT.

I'd very much like to add this or something similar (8192) to the
distribution because, on my machine at least, it took about 45

What is the MSYS-team's view on this?

Thanks Max,


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