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Re: Proposed libtool patch for MinGW

From: Charles Wilson
Subject: Re: Proposed libtool patch for MinGW
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 17:25:34 -0400
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Bob Friesenhahn wrote:

The attached patch to FSF CVS libtool is intended to make libtool
(mostly) behave as it does for Cygwin when executed with MinGW.  It
consists of contributions from Elizabeth Barham, and my own efforts.

The DLLs are installed to $(libdir)/../bin as they currently are under
Cygwin. Any change to this scheme should be common to both Cygwin &
MinGW unless there is a reason for behaving differently.

This patch allows a shared library build of ImageMagick (using both C
& C++) to successfully build and install under MinGW using the MSYS
shell environment.  I have not tried to build libtool modules with it
yet (should be interesting).

I am posting this patch with the expectation that concerned parties
will inspect it, test it, and send any fixes so that it can be
incorporated in libtool 1.5.

quick question: what pattern is used to name the dlls, implibs, and statlibs? (I don't care, I just want to avoid confusion with the cygwin DLL
names).  On cygwin, we use:

  cyg<base>-<number>.dll  (where number= 'current' - 'age')
  lib<base>.dll.a         (import lib)
  lib<base>.la            (libtool lib)
  lib<base>.a             (static lib)

if mingw's names conflict with cygwin's names for the import lib, libtool lib, and static lib -- that's ok, since even if both are installed on the same system, one assumes that they are in separate paths, and a user can control which is picked up during a downstream link by using appropriate -L commands.

But, since this patch borrows a lot of cygwin code, I'm concerned about conflicts on the DLL name. (Plus, you *really* don't want mingw libs named "cygfoo-1.dll" do you?)

I'd like to see "mgw<base>-<number>.dll" for libtool libs generated on mingw -- but that's a very cygwin-centric idea. As I understand it, the default convention on mingw for DLL names is "lib<various stuff>.dll" or maybe just "<various stuff>.dll". Whatever, I don't really care, and don't want to start a flamewar. Just make sure you don't use "cyg<stuff>.dll" by accident. :-)


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