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[FIXED] cygwin: duplicate .o's in static libs

From: Charles Wilson
Subject: [FIXED] cygwin: duplicate .o's in static libs
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 15:41:22 -0400
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Several months ago, I reported a problem with libtool wherein the static libraries contained duplicate .o's when both shared and static libs are built:

ar cru .libs/libcdll.a  cdll.o .libs/cdll.o

e.g. the static lib contains both the .o's built for the static lib, AND the .o's built for the shared lib. I had observed this behavior on both cygwin and linux. [This shared library was built correctly, and included only the .libs/*.o files]

This problem has been fixed, sometime between 20020705 and 20021015:

ar cru .libs/libcdll.a  cdll.o

I don't know who fixed it, or how it got fixed, but thanks.

libtool on cygwin

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