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Re: library relocation

From: Paul E Johnson
Subject: Re: library relocation
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 11:22:29 -0500
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I think the DESTDIR patch for fixes that. At least it did for me. I had the problem that relinking was failing with "make prefix=/blah install" so I retooled with DESTDIR and with this patch everything seems OK. I found this through a bugs page for libtool, but I can't find that page now.

But I do still have the patch address:

Frederic Gobry wrote:

I'm working on linux based embedded platforms. To build a complete
platform, we usually compile and install our software packages in a
directory that is specific to each developer, say:


Then, the compiled libraries and executables that must be actually
available on the final platform are manipulated so that they finally
appear in


...when the platform has booted.

Here comes the problem:
  - Scenario 1: a library (let say glib) is configured with the final
    prefix (/usr) and installed for instance with a make install
Then, a program that uses the library will link with sth like

          -L/home/fred/frozen/lib -lglib
Unfortunately, libtool (1.4.2a) will transform this into...


    Grr. This is not a library compiled for the same architecture.

  - Scenario 2: the library is directly configured to get installed in

    Then, the linking will be performed correctly, but a wrong rpath
    will be added in the executable...

Do you know a better method ?


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