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Cygwin List O' Issues (take 2): #3 relinking exe's

From: Charles Wilson
Subject: Cygwin List O' Issues (take 2): #3 relinking exe's
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 15:06:24 -0500
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Restating the remaining issues since (a) it's a new month for the mailman archiver (b) some issues have been resolved (yay!)

> 3. relinking .exe's.  Over and over and over and over.  This doesn't
>  really cause project builds to FAIL, but it is HIGHLY annoying --
> and has the possibility of an infinite dependency loop.
> This bug is win32-platform (cygwin, mingw, pw, ...) specific.

I notice that Earnie just reported this problem, and proposed a (possible?) solution:

Demonstrates the problems with executables and shared
libraries in the same tree, when using
'make install DESTDIR=...'

(Actually, DESTDIR has little to do with this problem,
but I really didn't want people using this demo to clobber
their /usr/lib... :-0 . This is a cygwin/windows problem; exe's are relinked every time 'make ANYTHING' is run.)

To run, unpack, and
 ./configure --prefix=/usr
 make install DESTDIR=`pwd`/inst

You'll see that after installing libone into inst/usr/lib,
it relinks program.exe for no apparent reason...

While this appears to be a minor issue, it is REALLY
annoying, especially if there are a lot of object
files.  You relink all of the executables in a project
EVERY time you do ANYTHING.  make check.  make install.
make dist.  make info.  ANYTHING.  Sometimes, in complicated
projects, interlocking dependencies between exe's will
cause multiple relinks of both exe's over and over and...

This needs fixing.

To completely clean up, use

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