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dependency_libs question

From: nall
Subject: dependency_libs question
Date: 05 Nov 2002 15:50:50 -0600

i'm curious what the proper solution is to the following problem:

- i have a shared library,

- i have another shared library, that depends on

- the interface between these two libraries may change in any given
version of foo. i'm compiling with -release XX.YY to
make sure uses the correct version.

- the interface from to any applications that use it is stable
throughout a given major version (eg: and
have the same interface to the application). i use -version_info XX.YY
to handle this.

- when i use libtool to generate my .la files, i find that
contains the line dependency_libs="". this means that
when my applications link against, they're also linked against
its dependencies ( this is unacceptable because i
don't want my applications to be aware of they
should only know about the interface. otherwise, i'd have to
recompile my applications for every bugfix release.

i've found 2 solutions to the problem, neither of which i like.
1. change all apps that compile against to have
link_all_deplibs=no. this is undesirable for maintenance reasons.

2. manually remove the entry from's

i understand that on some systems (AIX, i think?) i'm out of luck -- the
dynamic loader can only handle one level of dependencies. but what about
linux, where it's perfectly fine to stick a -lfoo on the linker command
for application bar and when bar loads, the loader will
automatically pull in

i hope this is coherent. any direction is appreciated.
thank you.

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