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ltconfig generation change for SCO builds

From: Jonathan Schilling
Subject: ltconfig generation change for SCO builds
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 10:02 EST

To the libtool maintainers, 

A change needs to be made to the generation of ltconfig in order for 
it to build correctly on SCO OpenServer when using the SCO UDK development
kit (which is a different [more advanced] development kit than the "regular" 
one that comes with OpenServer).  

The change is to only set special_shlib_compile_flags if the regular
compiler is being used (which needs the flags), and not set it if
the UDK compiler is being used.  The diff as generated in ltconfig 
(with some nulled out debugging code) is:

--- ltconfig..orig      Sun May 28 07:08:13 2000
+++ ltconfig    Wed Oct  9 14:42:00 2002
@@ -727,7 +727,12 @@
-    special_shlib_compile_flags='-belf'
+    if `$compiler -V 2>&1 | egrep 'UX:cc' > /dev/null`; then
+       echo "this is really UDK compiler" > /dev/null
+    else
+       echo "this is not the UDK compiler" > /dev/null
+       special_shlib_compile_flags='-belf'
+    fi

Thank you very much.

Jonathan Schilling      SCO/Caldera     address@hidden

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