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libltdl segfaults on lt_dlsym

From: Conrad Canterford
Subject: libltdl segfaults on lt_dlsym
Date: 30 Dec 2002 16:42:50 +1100

Hi there.
This is almost certainly a user error, not a libltdl error, but I cannot
work out how to make this work. I have a .so file which contains my user
interface. The main program finds the path to it and the names of
varioius subroutines within it from within its config file. It does an
lt_dlinit(), and then an lt_dlopen(char */path/to/library). This works
fine, and I can see the handle returned. However, I next try and do an
lt_dlsym(handle, char *symname), and it segfaults each and every time.
Is there some step I'm missing, or something else I'm likely to have
forgotten to do that is required?

Conrad Canterford  (address@hidden)
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GPO Box 355,           |  - Australian Tour and Event Management (ATEM)
Canberra, ACT 2601     |  - Ticketing Division.
Mobile: +61 402 697054 |  - Catering Services Division.

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