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Re: libltdl segfaults on lt_dlsym

From: Roger Leigh
Subject: Re: libltdl segfaults on lt_dlsym
Date: 30 Dec 2002 19:17:52 +0000
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Conrad Canterford <address@hidden> writes:

> This is almost certainly a user error, not a libltdl error, but I cannot
> work out how to make this work. I have a .so file which contains my user
> interface. The main program finds the path to it and the names of
> varioius subroutines within it from within its config file. It does an
> lt_dlinit(), and then an lt_dlopen(char */path/to/library). This works
> fine, and I can see the handle returned. However, I next try and do an
> lt_dlsym(handle, char *symname), and it segfaults each and every time.
> Is there some step I'm missing, or something else I'm likely to have
> forgotten to do that is required?

Have you named the symbol(s) correctly in the module?  They should be
prefixed with "modulename_LTX_"?

Check with "nm -D":
000af960 D pcl_LTX_stp_module_data
000af944 D pcl_LTX_stp_module_version
(in this case, the module is and, and the symbols I ask
for with dlsym() are "stp_module_data" and "stp_module_version").

See, node "Modules for libltdl".  This had me stumped for
a while, until I found a typo in the module name part of the symbol!


Roger Leigh

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