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script to update kaffe-1.0.7 to cvs libtool to allow cross-compiling

From: Dan Kegel
Subject: script to update kaffe-1.0.7 to cvs libtool to allow cross-compiling
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 15:16:12 -0800
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Dalibor Topic wrote:
--- Dan Kegel <address@hidden> wrote:

FWIW, the procedure for updating kaffe to use CVS
libtool appears to be something like: ...

OK, I have this down a bit more solidly now.
I'm attaching a shell script which takes a kaffe-1.0.7
source tarball and produces kaffe-1.0.7-libtools-1.4e.tar.gz

It doesn't require libtools at all, as it grabs libtools
straight from cvs.  It does require up-to-date automake and
autoconf, though.  I'm posting it in case anyone else
needs to cross-compile kaffe; it's hard with the older
autotools.  (I am *so* looking forward to the future,
when everyone will have autoconf-2.5x, automake-1.7x,
and libtool-1.5x... and gcc-3.3... all of the above will
make life much easier for cross-development.)

this is kaffe specific, but nevertheless: the script is broken for me on Mandrake 9.0
Linux, as it keeps generating superfluous entries in
libraries/javalib/ You could comment the
class-library-auto-updating part out, as I've done it
in kaffe's CVS.

I should pick up that patch, I guess, but I haven't
been bothered by the entries you're talking about yet.
- Dan

set -x
set -e
# Shell script to update kaffe-1.0.7 with cvs libtool
# without using root.
# You might not really want to use this script in production,
# but it illustrates all the steps involved.

# Remove temporary directories from last run
rm -rf libtool-1.4e

# Get libtool from cvs
echo /1 :pserver:address@hidden:2401/cvsroot/libtool A >> ~/.cvspass
#cvs -z3 -d :pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/libtool login
cvs -z3 -d :pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/libtool co libtool

# Make libtool source tarball
mv libtool libtool-1.4e
tar -czvf libtool-1.4e.tar.gz libtool-1.4e

# Unpack libtool source tarball, configure, build, install in private area
# (Sure would be nice if you could use libtool without installing it)
rm -rf libtool-1.4e
tar -xzvf libtool-1.4e.tar.gz
cd libtool-1.4e
  sh bootstrap
  ./configure --prefix `cd ..; pwd`/libtool-installed
  make install
cd ..

# Remove temporary directories from last run
rm -rf kaffe-1.0.7 kaffe-1.0.7-libtool1.4e

# Unpack kaffe-1.0.7 tarball
tar -xzvf kaffe-1.0.7.tar.gz

# update to new autotools.  You should have latest autoconf and automake 
# (yeah, should run aclocal, but we'll cheat here)
cp libtool-installed/share/aclocal/libtool.m4 kaffe-1.0.7/acinclude.m4
cd kaffe-1.0.7
   ../libtool-installed/bin/libtoolize -c -f --ltdl
   patch -p1 < ../../updatetools.patch
   patch -p1 < ../../libltdl.patch
   sh developers/
cd ..
mv kaffe-1.0.7 kaffe-1.0.7-libtool1.4e
tar -czvf kaffe-1.0.7-libtool1.4e.tar.gz kaffe-1.0.7-libtool1.4e

# Happy happy joy joy, kaffe-1.0.7-libtool1.4e.tar.gz
# is a kaffe-1.0.7 updated to current cvs libtools!

Dan Kegel
Linux User #78045

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