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Re: Problem on rs6000-ibm-aix4.3.2.0 (Fortran) -DPIC

From: Simon Richter
Subject: Re: Problem on rs6000-ibm-aix4.3.2.0 (Fortran) -DPIC
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 00:00:54 +0100
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> Good point, we never really resolved this issue.
>   All in favor of dropping -DPIC entirely say "I"!

I'm against it.

If you have optimized assembler versions of some code for some platforms
(like the STL has, for example) and some of that code is not PIC, it is
a good idea to enclose it in #ifndef PIC. So dropping -DPIC will remove
an useful feature and make everything that uses it miscompile (for some
platforms, in a fatal way).


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