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Help! Library reordering is killing me!

From: Norbert Kiesel
Subject: Help! Library reordering is killing me!
Date: 22 Jan 2003 14:30:10 -0800


I'm a happy libtool user but currently face a problem which I just can't
solve: I have to link a program against openldap libs (-lldap -llber)
and oracle libs (-lclntsh), but I must make sure the openldap libs
appear *before* the oracle lib.  Reason is that -lclntsh also contains
LDAP functions which are not compatible with the OpenLDAP ones I need to

However whatever I do, libtool always puts the -lclntsh before the
-lldap.  Is there any way I can force it to preserve the order I gave in
my Makefile?


Norbert Kiesel <address@hidden>
TBD Networks

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