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libtool support for intel icc compiler

From: Himanshu_Khurana
Subject: libtool support for intel icc compiler
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 22:17:09 +0530

I am sorry if i am repeating an already discussed issue. I have gone through 
the previous mails on this issue but since they were 3-4 months old, I was 
curious enough to ask whether the patch for libtool to support intell icc 
compiler been incorporated.

1.If at all this patch exists how do I use it. 
2. Somewhere i read that CVS libtool supports icc compiler ,but I could not 
make out how and where to get CVS libtool and how different is from GNU libtool 
and whether it would affect the running of my earlier modules??

I am anxiously waiting for a reply

Himanshu Khurana
(newbie to the world of linux)

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