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Re: [ autogen-Bugs-708414 ] libtool is broken

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: [ autogen-Bugs-708414 ] libtool is broken
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 10:41:14 -0800

"" wrote:

> Category: autogen
> Group: None
> Status: Open
> Resolution: None
> Priority: 5
> Submitted By: Pierre (pierre42)
> Assigned to: Bruce Korb (bkorb)
> Summary: Problem compiling autogen 5.5.3
> Initial Comment:
> Hi,
> I try to compile autogen-5.5.3 on my GNU/Linux system
> with gcc-3.2 ... I got this :

> creating columns
> top_builddir=.. \
> ../agen5/autogen -L ../autoopts -Taginfo -bcolumns \
> -DLEVEL=section ../columns/opts.def
> lt-autogen: relocation error: lt-autogen: undefined
> symbol: option_usage_fp

Right.  My oversight is that I should fix that one invocation
of autogen to look like this:

> ${autogen_command} || ( \
> echo "Please contact address@hidden and ask them when they \
> think they may have a fix for making the wrong bindings at \
> load time.  This is a known problem that has gone on for a \
> very, very long time." >&2 ; exit 1 )

The problem is that the shell script, "../agen5/autogen" does
not set up the environment correctly so that the
../agen5/.libs/lt-autogen binary finds the ../autoopts/.libs/
library before the installed one.  Here are the known fixes:

1.  de-install the old libopts and resume the build
2.  install the new libopts and resume the build
3.  build autogen, columns and getdefs with ``LDOPTS=-static''
4.  hand edit the agen5/autogen script to ensure that
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH works correctly
5.  hand edit the link command to ensure that the autoopts/.libs
    directory appears in the -rpath option before any references to
    other installation directories.  This is likely being gotten
    wrong due to the fact that some -rpath stuff is done for libguile.

I do understand that libtool has a bit of a problem with this.
``guile-config link'' yields both library names and link options.
Library names belong in xx_LDADD strings and the options belong
in xx_LDOPTS.  Likely the proper fix is for ``guile-config'' to
take ``ldopts'' and ``ldadd'' arguments, but we aren't there and
there are pre-existing ``guile-config'' scripts to deal with.
Perhaps I can try to come up with some configure time script that
separates the guile-config output into the LDADD type arguments
and the LDOPTS type arguments.  :-(

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