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Re: Newbie question...

From: Giuseppe Greco
Subject: Re: Newbie question...
Date: 11 May 2003 11:03:49 +0200


On Sun, 2003-05-11 at 11:13, Lutz Müller wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-05-11 at 08:47, Giuseppe Greco wrote:
> > I'm trying to compile a GNU project,
> (...)
> > Where have I to look for solving this problem?
> Which project? Normally, it should be set up to automatically detect
> where you have glib installed.

I've the same problem when compiling Mono and pangopdf...

Could the problem be related to the fact that before RedHat
shipped GLib2 version 2.2.1 with its distribution, I temporally
installed GLib2 from a tarball into /usr/local and then removed
it manually?

Should I install a second copy of GLib2 into /usr/local? I've
already tried that and it works, but I don't think this is the
best way to solve the problem.


> You should contact the authors of this projects to fix that.
> Regards
Giuseppe Greco


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