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libtool cause rpm make install failed on SuSE

From: Antonio Xu
Subject: libtool cause rpm make install failed on SuSE
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 17:16:10 +0800
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Hello All,
I met a problem of libtool when I doing make DESTDIR=.... install on SuSE. The problem is the target install directory /tmp/var..../usr/lib isn't used to link other libraries at install time ,libtool looks in ${pkglibdir} only, and not in $DESTDIR${pkglibdir also. I was using libtool-1.4.3 been built by me on SuSe 8.2 , it isn't default libtool of SuSe 8.2. Is there have some patch can be patched on libtool to solve this problem?

Antonio Xu

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