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Re: IRIX: Expecting n32 objects

From: Rainer Orth
Subject: Re: IRIX: Expecting n32 objects
Date: 04 Sep 2003 13:41:45 +0200

Olaf Weber <address@hidden> writes:

> IIRC gcc 2.x defaults to o32 (and cannot do otherwise) while gcc 3.x
> defaults to n32.  You switch using options like '-mabi=64'.

Wrong: GCC 2.x for IRIX 6 defaults to N32 (with N64 support available) and
cannot support O32 without hacks (like configuring for mips-sgi-irix5).
GCC 3.x is the same in this respect, but there's now a mips-sgi-irix6*o32
configuration to support O32 on IRIX 6, which I hope to integrate into the
common mips-sgi-irix6 configuration before GCC 3.4.

> The native compiler (MIPSpro) has n32 as its default (set in
> /etc/compiler.defaults) but also obeys the SGI_ABI environment

Unfortunately, the default may also depend on the machine and compiler
version used: e.g. R8000 machines defaulted to N64 with MIPSpro 7.3
compilers ;-(  And there's also the issue of the ISA (instruction set
architecture) used.  See abi(5) and mips_ext(5) for the whole picture.


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