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Re: linking dynamic lib with static one.

From: Alexander Kogan
Subject: Re: linking dynamic lib with static one.
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 13:05:03 +0400
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> I have the same problem (with Gtk+ and libuuid.a). I'm afraid I resorted
> to cheating, by disabling the libtool checks as follows:
> mv libtool libtool.orig
> sed -e 's/^\(deplibs_check_method\)=.*$/\1=\
> "file_magic ^x86 archive|^x86 DLL" \
> # [ALI] Treat static libs as shared/' < libtool.orig > libtool
> chmod 755 libtool

Ok, thank you. I'll try it. 

> Ali.

Alexander Kogan
Institute of Applied Physics
Russian Academy of Sciences

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