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From: alain . bonnefoy
Subject: and configure
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 13:41:21 +0200

I'm swimming in a libiconv protage on QNX and I have a problem with shared
library namming.

First, the original configure script in libiconv-1.9.1 doesn't know the QNX
After some discussions with a QNX people, I got the informations to rebuild all
the corresponding files.
It seems that I have to invoke the followng commands, based on libtool-1.4.3.

#>libtoolize -a -c
#>automake-1.7 -f -c



Everything runs fine except that I get libiconv.2.0 instead of
same for the soname.

The command in configure is:
${libname}${release}${shared_ext}$major $libname${shared_ext}'

After some investigation and discussion with qnx peoples and the libiconv
developper, I found that libtool.m4 contains the following line:

>   1085 4:shrext=".so"

the original (from libiconv-1.9.1, don't which libtool version)
contains the following line

   2756         eval shared_ext=\"$shrext\"

Unfortunately, from libtool-1.4.3 doesn't contain the same eval. So I
define shrext and use shared_ext.

That means I have a dependancy problem but I don't know what to update. I wanted
to try libtool-1.5 but it that's a simple ghost!!

Any idea about my problem??


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