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[support #100049] conveniece libraries under darwin?

From: nobody
Subject: [support #100049] conveniece libraries under darwin?
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 05:54:55 -0400
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Support Request #100049, was updated on Wed 05/30/2001 at 05:53
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Category: None
Status: Closed
Priority: 3
Summary: conveniece libraries under darwin?

By: peter
Date: Fri 07/18/2003 at 13:21
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This was fixed in 1.4.(something) and remains fixed in

current cvs.

Okay to close this.



By: vasi
Date: Mon 02/04/2002 at 04:07
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I just posted a new fix for the convenience library double-linking bug on 
Darwin. Patch #111 applies to 1.4.2, but I've tested it with libtool 1.4 
through 1.4.2, and it has worked with three separate Darwin programs 
(gdk-pixbuf, nautilus and audiofile). All tests still pass on RH Linux 7.2 with 
the patch.

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