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Re: Library symlinks installation

From: Rafael Laboissiere
Subject: Re: Library symlinks installation
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 20:27:57 +0200
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* Boehne, Robert <address@hidden> [2003-09-16 12:03]:

> This can be turned off with -avoid-version:
> `-avoid-version' Tries to avoid versioning (see section 6. Library
> interface versions) for libraries and modules, i.e. no version information
> is stored and no symbolic links are created. If the platform requires
> versioning, this option has no effect. 

Thanks for the prompt reply.  I am not sure that this completely answer my
question, though.  I need to know whether libtool *_always_* and for *_any_*
architecture/system has the default behavior of installing
the libfoo.<shared_ext> symlink in ${prefix}/lib.


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