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Re: Detecting availability of a shared libray

From: Sander Niemeijer
Subject: Re: Detecting availability of a shared libray
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 19:56:27 +0200


Thank you for your response. I was actually already afraid that it involved creating my own macro to do the testing. But indeed, using libtool to do the testing (it is indeed possible for me to postpone the shared library test after the libtool script is generated) should make my life at least a lot easier.

If I can device a clean macro I'll post it back to the list.


On donderdag, sep 18, 2003, at 15:55 Europe/Amsterdam, Boehne, Robert wrote:


If you can ensure this check is done after the libtool script is created,
you may be able to write a macro similar to AC_CHECK_LIB that uses a
shared library rather than an executable.  If it won't link, you can
assume that there isn't a shared version of the dependent library.
If this test fails, but AC_CHECK_LIB doesn't, then you only have a
static lib.



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Subject: Re: Detecting availability of a shared libray

Is there really nobody who can help me further with this?


On vrijdag, sep 5, 2003, at 17:25 Europe/Amsterdam, Sander Niemeijer

Hi all,

I have a package that produces a shared/static library via libtool.
However this package needs to make use of some external library for
data import/export. Since my library has both a shared and a static
version this external library also needs to have at least a shared
version available. If this is the case then linking my library with
libtool and the appropriate -L and -l flags will work nicely. However,
if only a static version of the external library is available then
building a shared version of my library will fail (except perhaps on
systems that do not need specific PIC flags when creating shared
library object files).

My problem is that if I use AC_CHECK_LIB to check for the external
library, then the check that is being performed is to see whether the
external library can be linked into a program. Now this works of
course fine if the external library is only available as a static
version. So my question now is, does anybody know whether there is a
way to explicitly test for the availability of the shared version of
the external library?

Sander Niemeijer

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