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Re: dependency_libs issue

From: Clinton Roy
Subject: Re: dependency_libs issue
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 09:07:50 +1000
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Clinton Roy <address@hidden> writes:

>> What happens if you move /usr/lib/libxml2* out of the way first? Does
>> it then find /dstc/lib/ If so, looks like a libtool bug.
> This is indeed what happens :|  I'll spend what time i can tracking it
> down over the next few weeks (my current deadline is then, so.. ;)

I've been able to isolate it a little,

If LIBS is set to:

"-L/dstc/lib -lxml2 -lz -lpthread -lm"

dependency_libs is properly set to:

' -L/dstc/lib /dstc/lib/ -lz -lpthread -lm'

However, if I add -lgdb to LIBS:

"-lgdbm  -L/dstc/lib -lxml2 -lz -lpthread -lm"

dependency_libs gets incorrectly set to:

' /usr/lib/ -L/dstc/lib /usr/lib/ -lz -lpthread -lm'

Now, /usr/lib/ doesn't depend on libxml2, so that would
still seem to be a bug.

Fortunately for me however I can work without libgdbm. I'm still keen
to fix this bug, but it's no longer urgent for me.

Clinton Roy
Elvin Software Engineer -
Humbug Vice president   -

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