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libtool replace -Xlinker by -Wl can lead to problems

From: Nicolas Roche
Subject: libtool replace -Xlinker by -Wl can lead to problems
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 16:10:12 +0200


I'm using libtool and I'm wondering why libtool is replacing -Xlinker
by -Wl (in link mode). Indeed if you pass the following argument to
libtool :

-Xlinker --stack=0x800000,0x10000

this will become


and so the argument pass to ld will be :

--stack=0x800000 0x10000  :-(

On the other side replacing -Wl by -Xlinker will cause also problems
because you can pass several args to ld with Wl by separating args
with commas.

So there is any reason to replace -Xlinker with -Wl ???

Thanks in advance

Best regards,
 Nicolas                          mailto:address@hidden

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