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Re: only static libraries created

From: Tor Lillqvist
Subject: Re: only static libraries created
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 21:58:00 +0000

Bob Friesenhahn writes:
 > While Cygwin does provide a compiler mode in which it may compile
 > programs which use the MinGW library, there may be some problems with
 > crossing over between the two environments.

This might be obvious to many, but anyway:

I have found that to ensure a mixture of Cygwin-based tools (for
instance shell scripts that run under a Cygwin shell, or Cygwin Perl
scripts) and native (mingw) tools interoperate reliably one needs to
make sure that the same paths are valid (and point to the same files)
in both. This isn't that hard. If you have sources in for instance
e:\some\place, and do your builds there, make sure that e:\some is
mounted in Cygwin as /some. And if you do "make installs", and/or use
installed libraries and headers for some package, make sure that the
same holds for the installation location, and that it is on the same
drive. (For instance if you install to, or use stuff installed in,
e:\another\place, mount e:\another as /another.)


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