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Re: Installing in a staging area

From: Schleicher Ralph (LLI)
Subject: Re: Installing in a staging area
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 14:47:36 +0200

Sander Niemeijer writes:

> Why not use a 'make DESTDIR=/usr/local/staging/appname install'?

I installed my staged packages like that, but the error remains.
Please note that 'make DESTDIR=/foo install' works well for native
builds, but not within a cross-compilation environment.  I'm quite
confident that my cross-compilation environment is set up properly.
I have to admit that I have not tested whether it is still there
when using libtool 1.5, but since the original poster uses libtool
1.5, I assumed that nothing has changed in that area.


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