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Re: should libtool check for the correct version of find?

From: Earnie Boyd
Subject: Re: should libtool check for the correct version of find?
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 08:41:36 -0400
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Matthew Arnison wrote:
Hi libtool developers and users,

libtool appears to depend on Unix find. Under Cygwin, an incorrect path can cause the Windows FIND to be used instead. To the untrained eye, (that is, me two days ago) it's not obvious from the output of configure and libtool that this has happened. The only warning I got was this:

FIND: Parameter format not correct

buried in the make output. The make does not actually fail until about a page later in the transcript when a link fails with a series of "undefined reference" errors.

My suggestion is that libtool should get configure to check for the correct version of find (i.e. Unix find not WINDOWS find) as part of checking the general environment. I feel that configure's job is to check that all the correct tools are in place to do a build, so if libtool is used, then configure/libtool should check which find is being run.

Let's see, I've been involved with Cygwin for about five years and not reading the Cygwin FAQ and other documentation before starting is the biggest error from Cygwin newbies I've found. This isn't something libtool needs to concern itself with.

I know that the Cygwin path order is a FAQ:

however in my case all the other standard Unix tools seemed to be working OK. Although Cygwin sets up the correct PATH by default in /etc/profile, if you login remotely this can be bypassed.

Then you've not setup Cygwin appropriately for this. Probably something else that's in the FAQ.

Unfortunately I do not have time to contribute a patch.

Then it's a mute point.

But I thought you might be interested to hear of this case. I think it might save some other poor soul from the same painstaking search I just made.

Since, just as yourself, others will fail to read, others will still have pains.


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