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maybe a problem with libtool-1.5

From: alain . bonnefoy
Subject: maybe a problem with libtool-1.5
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 09:53:08 +0200

Don't really know if it's a problem with libtool-1.5 but I know that I already
built php4.3.3 with libtool-1.4.2.

I tried to build php4.3.3 with the following config:
$ ../configure --prefix=/opt --srcdir=.. --host=x86-pc-nto-qnx --without-pear
--with-zlib=/opt --with-iconv=/opt --enable-sockets --with-apsx --with-ftp
--without-mysql --with-dom=/opt

When configure tests if it has to build shared libs, I get:

configure:106911: checking whether the gcc linker (/usr/bin/ntox86-ld) supports
shared libraries
configure:107705: result: yes
configure:107776: checking how to hardcode library paths into programs
configure:107801: result: immediate
configure:107815: checking whether stripping libraries is possible
configure:107820: result: yes
configure:107842: checking dynamic linker characteristics
configure:108353: result: nto-qnx
configure:109079: checking if libtool supports shared libraries
configure:109081: result: yes
configure:109084: checking whether to build shared libraries
configure:109133: result: no
configure:109136: checking whether to build static libraries
configure:109140: result: yes

If I try a make I get something like:

gcc ......-c file.c ..... -o file.o && echo >file.lo

so, when I arrived to the link process with the command libtool .....
--mode=link gcc ....

it try to link only 1 byte long .lo files.

Could you enlight me ?!?


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