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Re: [scons-users] libtool and scons

From: Dan Kegel
Subject: Re: [scons-users] libtool and scons
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 11:06:36 -0700
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Chad Austin wrote:
On IRIX, libtool and MIPSPro CC don't get along. To compile standard C++ code, you need the -LANG:std option, but libtool doesn't even pass it down to the actual command line, so your code doesn't compile!

This problem and its workaround have, oddly enough, been documented,
though not at the libtool site.  See, which says:

----- snip ---------
The MIPSpro compiler requires the "-LANG:std" flag to enable the
standard C++ library.  You must set the CC variable when you configure,
as follows
        ./configure CC='CC -LANG:std'

There is a bug in released versions of libtool prevents the -LANG flag
from being properly passed during the linking stage.  To check if you
have this bug, examine the output of "grep 'no.*irix' libtool".  If
you see a line like "no/*-*-irix*)" then you suffer from the bug.  [A
fixed version of libtool will look like "no/*-*-irix* | /*-*-irix*)".]
----- snip ---------

That note was added years and years ago.  It is quite likely that
libtool-1.5, released in April 2003, already has the fix.

Chad, have you tried updating the app in question to libtool-1.5 to see
if that solves the problem?  (Yeah, I know it's a pain to update
an app to newer libtools; when you do it, be sure to push the patch
to the app's maintainer so nobody else has to go through it.  I did
it for kafee last year; you can see how I did it at )
- Dan

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