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host=target, build=host and package behavior

From: Sylvain BERTRAND
Subject: host=target, build=host and package behavior
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 01:17:40 +0200
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I sent an email to those mailing lists with an account from the spammer.
I apologize for the trouble.
I post a sum up of my message:

I wanted to use the host and target options to compile "native cross" binutils. Namely with --host=i686-pc-linux-gnu and --target=i686-pc-linux-gnu or in others words I wanted to trigger the "cross-tools compilation" behavior of the package with host=target.

Would it be wiser to let this behavior triggerable with a special "force-compilation-of-cross-tools" configure option?

Of course, I extend the issue to the build=host, aka cross compilation, case.

I currently have some free time, then I could implement those features or... am I proposing insane things to do?


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