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-dlopen library change does not cause main program relink

From: Kevin P. Fleming
Subject: -dlopen library change does not cause main program relink
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 08:43:31 -0700
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Here's a hard one to fix:

My program has about 30 plugin modules. The provides -dlopen <modulepath> for each one, so that if the user chooses to disable shared libraries, the plugins will be preloaded into the (static) program binary. This works fine.

However, the generated Makefile does not have a dependency on src/handlers/ for src/nALFS, so if a make is done, then the src/handlers/unpack.c file is modified, a subsequent make causes src/handlers/ to be rebuilt but src/nALFS _is not relinked_. Relinking would not be necessary if the plugin module was being built as a shared library, but when it's not, relinking the binary(ies) using it is mandatory.

Granted, this only affects developers and not really end users all that much, and a "make clean" also takes care of it. It'd be nice if this link dependency could be translated into the Makefile in some way.

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