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Unknown *.al file type on Solaris when linking library using libtool

From: Rob Smallshire
Subject: Unknown *.al file type on Solaris when linking library using libtool
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 10:24:11 -0000

Libtool list,

I am having serious trouble compiling a fourier transform shared library
( on Solaris which uses libtool for linking. I have
successfully built the shared library on Linux and Irix and I can build it
as a static library on Solaris, but not shared. I have contacted the authors
of the library who can build it on their Solaris setup and a Sourceforge
Solaris machine without issue. I have so far failed with Solaris 8 and
Solaris 9 on independent machines - the latter had a completely fresh
install of *everything* in an attempt to isolate the problem.

I am using the following toolset:

GNU gcc 3.3
GNU ld 2.11.2
GNU make 3.80

The libtool version used by FFTW is 1.43.

The code compiles without problems but the final linking step fails with
errors about unknown file types relating to *.al files.

I configure and make with the following commands:

make distclean
./configure --enable-shared --prefix=/homes/perforce/utils_install/SUN/fftw-

The pertinent section of the output is:

/usr/ccs/bin/ld -G -h -o .libs/  -z
allextract kernel/.libs/ simd/.libs/
dft/.libs/ dft/codelets/.libs/
dft/codelets/inplace/.libs/ dft/k7/.libs/
dft/k7/codelets/.libs/ dft/simd/.libs/
dft/simd/codelets/.libs/ rdft/.libs/
rdft/codelets/r2r/.libs/ reodft/.libs/
api/.libs/ -z defaultextract  -lm -lc
ld: fatal: file simd/.libs/ unknown file type
ld: fatal: file dft/k7/.libs/ unknown file type
ld: fatal: file dft/simd/.libs/ unknown file type

I don't know what an *.al file - and clearly neither does the linker. I'd be
most grateful of any suggestions that get me moving again on this - its over
a month since I first encountered it.

Thanks in advance,


Dr Rob Smallshire
Senior Development Engineer
& Structural Geologist
Midland Valley

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