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Darwin, convenience libs, and global symbols

From: Matt Fago
Subject: Darwin, convenience libs, and global symbols
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 21:39:44 -0800
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I am porting a package to Darwin (compiles fine on Linux) consisting of several convenience libraries, a few test programs, and an application. I'm using Autoconf 2.58, automake 1.7.9, and libtool 1.5 (with the AC_LIBTOOL_TAGS patch).

The main application compiles and links correctly, but a test program -- which links the same convenience libraries -- fails with "ld: Undefined symbols" corresponding to the global variables in one of the libraries.

The only difference I can think of: the library is constructed by the same as the test program in question (something I do not want to change).

Any ideas? I'd be happy to supply any code.


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