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(no subject)

From: Steve E Sherman
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 14:55:33 -0700


We're working on the OpenHPI project in sourceforce and are having trouble getting lt_dlopenext to find a library that we're building.


We build two versions of the same named library - one is the real library; one is a test version of the same library. We want to determine which library is picked up by the use of an environment variable - OPENHPI_PATH. The problem is that we can always pick up the "real" library but never the "test" one. All Makefiles, libraries, and paths look correct.


We set the dl searchpath in our code as follows:

path = getenv("OPENHPI_PATH");
err = lt_dlsetsearchpath(path);

We build a library - The real library is built in an snmp_bc directory, the test library is built in a subdir - snmp_bc/t.

After the build is run we have identical files generated for both directories and both directories have a .libs directory with the
desired libraries. So we have in both the snmp_bc and snmp_bc/t directories, the following generated files:
.libs/ -> ../
.libs/ ->
.libs/ ->

Problem is when OPENHPI_PATH is set to point to the snmp_bc/t directory, lt_dlopenext fails with an errno = 2 (File or path does not exist).
If OPENHPI_PATH points to the snmp_bc directory, everything is fine.

Seems to indicate that the libraries in snmp_bc/t weren't built properly? Attached are the that control the library builds and the generated file.

snmp_bc dir: snmp_bc/t dir: Both directories:

(See attached file: (See attached file: (See attached file:

Any ideas? Or this there additional debugging we can do to isolate the problem? Thanks

Steve Sherman, IBM
Internet ID: address@hidden Notes ID: Steve E Sherman/Raleigh/address@hidden
Phone: (919) 254-8621 T/L: 444-8621

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