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Building 64-bit C++ shared libraries

From: Albert Chin
Subject: Building 64-bit C++ shared libraries
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 11:16:47 -0600
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[resending as this garnered no response]

libtool 1.5 has the following to pass the -m64 GCC flag through to the
command building a C++ library:
      # gcc -m* arguments should be passed to the linker via $compiler_flags
      # in order to pass architecture information to the linker
      # (e.g. 32 vs 64-bit).  This may also be accomplished via -Wl,-mfoo
      # but this is not reliable with gcc because gcc may use -mfoo to
      # select a different linker, different libraries, etc, while
      # -Wl,-mfoo simply passes -mfoo to the linker.

This doesn't do anything for building 64-bit C++ libraries with the
vendor C++ compiler. Do we need to do something similar? Or is it
easier for us to say that if $LD == $CC for a tag, any unrecognized
options are passed to $compiler_flags?

albert chin (address@hidden)

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