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Re: libtool-commit ML

From: Bob Friesenhahn
Subject: Re: libtool-commit ML
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 14:05:33 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 22 Jan 2004, Scott James Remnant wrote:
> >
> But we do co-ordinate all patches, even trivial ones, on
> address@hidden -- so you can see what we're *going* to commit
> before we do it.

Many of these patches fall under the "48 hour rule" and the maintainer
may not be immediately available at the time someone approves the
patch, so it could be several days before the patch is applied.

Since libtool maintainers are using a common commit script there is
some possibility of adding a hook in that script which posts to the
libtool-commit list.

Bob Friesenhahn

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