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Re: func_infer_tag() broken

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: func_infer_tag() broken
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2004 13:37:53 +0000
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Paolo Bonzini wrote:
|> At a slight tangent;  maybe m4sh could provide a shell function
|> calling macro
|> (off the top of my head):
| Isn't this a bit heavyweight?

I was just thinking out loud.  The parameter saving code need only be emitted
if the host shell test proves that functions can't cope without it.

|> | It should be even with an integer return value.  If you are at the
|> | end of a function (or in an if just before the end of the function, you
|> | got it) it is possible to replace it with (exit NUM), but I don't see a
|> | good reason to do so.
|> Doesn't the exit actually terminate the script for (at least) some
|> shells?
| No, it is in a subshell.  Anyway it is among the shell function features
| that m4sh now explicitly tests.  It will complain at the start of the
| script (telling to write to address@hidden even if shell functions are
| not used, and also bailing out if they are).
|> BTW, we're thinking of moving the generation of to m4sh when
|> the
|> shell function support in autoconf pans out...

Argh.  So this is broken?

# func_fatal_error arg...
# Echo program name prefixed message to standard error, and exit.
func_fatal_error ()
~    func_error ${1+"$@"}
~    exit $EXIT_FAILURE

How do you write a function that terminates?  I guess I need to exit
explicitly after every call to to func_fatal_error through the rest of the
code, which then breaks this idiom:

case $arg in
~   -foo) feature=: ;;


$feature || func_fatal_error "barf"


I have been using this idiom successfully for years, and it is all over
cvs-utils and libtool now.  I'm very reluctant to let it go...

| It is already there.  There is the detection system outlined above;
| plus, a single macro is provided, AS_REQUIRE_SHELL_FN, which outputs the
| function into the initialization section of the script.  That's
| basically all you need.  Feel free to mail for help.

I've been watching the discussions on address@hidden :-)

After the next libtool release, I'll make a start.

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