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Re: multi part library?

From: Ralph Schleicher
Subject: Re: multi part library?
Date: 24 Mar 2004 06:09:22 +0100
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Andreas Jellinghaus <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Andreas,

> if I change B/ to
> libtool/automake will do what i want.
> libB.a has the non PIC code, .libs/ has the PIC code.


> but if I change A1/ to
>       libA1_la_LIBADD = $(top_builddir)/B/.libs/
> then libtool will silently ignore it, and not link
> with

Wrong, you don't know about the .libs directory (and it's
name is _libs on Windows).

In my projects, libA1_la_LIBADD = ../B/ works as
expected by you.  I'm using libtool 1.5 on Linux, HP-UX,
Solaris, and Windows (MinGW).


4142 days of Linux experience.

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