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Shared librairie Newbie Question :-)

From: Emmanuel Fournier
Subject: Shared librairie Newbie Question :-)
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 13:04:47 +0100

Hello from France,

I just have a little question about shared librairies and
how to use different versions of the same shared librairie
on my linux system :

I want to user the last openssl_0.9.7d on my RH7.1.
No one made a rpm update for that :-(
So i get the source, configure, make, make install
in /usr/local cause there is already some openssl
shared librairy on the system that are used by
a lot and a lot of packages ...
And now, with the last openssh 3.8, i want to
use my new and fresh openssl librairies.

I've not made an ldconfig nor update /etc/
cause i'm not sure about what will apend if my system
use the old or the new openssl lib.

Can i have the two in ld cache ?
How can i force a program to use one and not the other ?
If i delete the old libs by replacing them with my new ones,
will all the other programs will continue to work ?


Thanks a lot ??

Emmanuel Fournier - ISCAM - ICT

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