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Newbie libtool help on initial setup

From: Jay West
Subject: Newbie libtool help on initial setup
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 20:13:50 -0600

I have a fairly large C project I've been working on for quite a few years.
Recently I decided to switch to using automake, autoconf, and libtool and
generally GNU-izing the software in preparate for upcoming release (an
emulator for the HP2100 computer systems).

I got automake and autoconf all setup and it works wonderfully and I've been
using it a little while now. The code just started using dlopen libraries,
so I figured it was time to use libtool integrated with autoconf & friends
and I'm running into a problem.

>From my completely working autoconf/automake setup, I added AC_PROG_LIBTOOL
to my file. I have not yet included the library directory in
the's yet, so the only change is adding AC_PROG_LIBTOOL. I do an
aclocal, autoconf, autoheader, and automake -a. This runs without incident
(and libtoolize). Then when I immediately run "./configure", the tail end of
what I get is this:

checking if the linker (/usr/libexec/elf/ld) is GNU ld... yes
checking for BSD-compatible nm... /usr/bin/nm -B
checking whether ln -s works... yes
loading cache /dev/null within ltconfig
ltconfig: you must specify a host type if you use `--no-verify'
Try `ltconfig --help' for more information.
configure: error: libtool configure failed

I wouldn't think I'm supposed to specify a host type, when the distribution
should be able to configure on many different platforms. I tried just
running "./ltconfig ./" and it generates "libtool". Of course, this
will just get stepped over when I rerun ./configure. Where am I going wrong?

FreeBSD 4.6.2 (old, but the only system I had free for development at the
autoconf 2.53
automake 1.5
libtool 1.3.4

I've googled and searched and still come up short on understanding. Can
someone steer me in the right direction? Any advice is apreciated!

Jay West

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