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m4 files not found during make dist

From: Maciej Pietrzak
Subject: m4 files not found during make dist
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 21:07:19 +0200
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Sorry for trivial question.

I've got project that uses ltdl. I'm using libltdl as a convenience

make succeeds and builds working binaries - everything is ok.

However (on some systems) make dist fails in libltdl subdirectory,
because it doesn't find required files ltdl.m4 and libtool.m4. These
files can be copied from /usr/share/... directories, but I would like
not to put them in CVS. Also, I wouldn't like to put cp /usr/share/...
./ commands in (because directories might be different on
exotic systems).

How do I fix that?

Maciej Pietrzak

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