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cross compiles and DESTDIR

From: Harlan Stenn
Subject: cross compiles and DESTDIR
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 19:33:56 -0700

Please leave me in the Cc: line; even if I was subscribed the lists
manage to auto-unsubscribe me way too frequently.

I have inherited a project that originally used libtool-1.4.2.

3 patches were made to that version of libtool to "make it work" in the
target environment (cross compile, with installations staged in DESTDIR).
Nobody really understands or remembers why these were made, but we do know
that if we remove them the code stops working.  (One of the changes
stops the "relink_command", for example.)

We are still having problems where sometimes a library is used from /usr/lib
instead of from the cross-compile version.

I'm trying to see if by moving to libtool-1.5.6 at least this last problem
will go away.

I have done a sample build with an unpatched 1.5.6, and we definitely have
to do Something to get it to work (I know I still have to disable the
relink_command, I'm still building to see if the others are needed or not).

I have been unable to locate useful information about building software this
way - does anybody have pointers or suggestions?


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