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Re: building libtool libraries for multiple ABIs

From: Albert Chin
Subject: Re: building libtool libraries for multiple ABIs
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 17:40:10 -0500
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On Thu, Apr 29, 2004 at 03:55:20PM -0500, Tim Mooney wrote:
> I haven't found one, but I was hoping someone else had.  I guess the
> question I have is, "Is this something that some future version of libtool
> should support naturally and automatically?".  Libtool is already building
> two kinds of libraries (archive and shared) with two kinds of object files
> (non-PIC and PIC) on platforms where those distinctions exist.  Should
> another "factor" be added, so that libtool will (optionally) build those
> two kinds of libraries for N (where N is commonly 2) kinds of ABIs, on a
> platform that supports multiple ABIs?

I don't think libtool should support this. What if you wanted to build
a 64-bit version of libpng which depends on libz? How do you specify
the path to the 64-bit libz? libtool cannot fully support what you

I'm in favor of keeping things simple as they are now.

albert chin (address@hidden)

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