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control your impotence! elephant

From: Jim Hull
Subject: control your impotence! elephant
Date: Sun, 02 May 2004 07:24:00 +0400

Special offer!
You don't need to make large orders to get the product at this price per dose. All the prices mentioned are retail prices!

One Time DISC0UNT 0RDER for Via*gra* !
T0DAY Its only $3.20 per dose.
Pack 1:
  • Generic Via*gra* , 10 x 20mg
  • Only $ 68.00
  • Tadalafil
    Pack 2:
  • Generic Via*gra* , 20 x 20mg
  • Tadalafil
  • Only $ 129.00
    Special offer! These prices are valid until 10th of December !
    Cial1s DISC0UNT 0RDER

    One Time DISC0UNT 0RDER for address@hidden
    T0DAY Its only $0.95 per dose.
    Generic address@hidden, 24 x 100mg:
  • Regular Tabs (48 dozes) Only $ 46.00
  • Soft Tabs (48 dozes) Only $ 60.00
  • Regular+Soft Tabs (48 dozes) Only $ 54.00

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